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”...Aside from racing, my other love is music - listening and playing.

With one brother who is a full time musician and two other brothers who are equally as musical, I couldn't help but get into it myself. When I'm not working on my bike, you’ll probably find me working on my guitar playing.

I have about three acoustic guitars, one of which is a cheapo with 'action' about a foot high, so I use that one to play bottleneck/slide. Sounds good, though...

I also have a 5-string banjo which I'm still getting to grips with but is great fun.

However, my pride and joy is a 1962 Gibson ES175 semi-acoustic jazz guitar. It's a real classic and plays and sounds like a dream.

I get together with family and/or friends from time to time for a jam and can sometimes be found at a couple of watering holes(!) in south London knocking out various blues and rock tunes with a few friends.

I sometimes wonder how many other bike racers are also muso's; I'd love to hear from you if you are.

I like most forms of music, but in particular Blues, Rock and some Country.

Favourite artists/bands include (in no particular order): Pink Floyd, Little Feat, Steely Dan, Bonnie Raitt, Crowded House, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Radiohead and many more...”